and Are Shutting Down on August 9

I have decided to shut down my URL shortening sites, and, on August 9.

Here are some of the reasons why I have come to this decision:

  • The lack of traffic on these sites.
  • Most URLs were created by spammers.
  • was in the jwSpamSpy spam list for which reasons I do not know, causing it to be blocked by some web filters.
    • No email has ever been sent from this domain since the day I registered it.
    • It has since been taken out of the spam list as I requested but some filters still block the domain.
  • was once blocked for pornography.
  • The fact that there are many other URL shortening sites out there.

iPrism is Blocking for Pornography?

So today I have discovered that is on the filter list on iPrism for pornography/nudity.

iPrism blocked message

Now the last time I checked, has no sort of pornography or nudity which makes this baffling to me. It is simply a service to make short URLs similar to and TinyURL.

I have had issues with this domain before. The domain was in the jwSpamSpy spam domain blacklist a few months ago for some odd reason. Since the domain was in there some other web content filters had been blocking the site. I was able to get the blacklist removed for the domain though.

Update 1/27: iPrism has updated the rating of the site to “Internet Service”

Plans on Two New URL Shortening Sites

Recently I bought the domains, and What am I going to do with them is make them URL Shortening sites.

Imagine linking to something funny on Twitter, Facebook, or to a friend using

Imagine linking to something you are doing the lulz for using

Of course it will be possible to use both URLs for just about anything. It will be a while before I get these sites up.