Skip to content and Are Shutting Down on August 9

I have decided to shut down my URL shortening sites, and, on August 9. Here are some of the reasons why I have come to this decision: The lack of traffic on these sites. Most URLs were created by spammers. was in the jwSpamSpy spam list for which reasons I do not … Continued

iPrism is Blocking for Pornography?

So today I have discovered that is on the filter list on iPrism for pornography/nudity. Now the last time I checked, has no sort of pornography or nudity which makes this baffling to me. It is simply a service to make short URLs similar to and TinyURL. I have had issues with … Continued / Now Live

These two sites, and, are now live as URL Shortening sites. You can now create URLs like for example: Enjoy, lulz.