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iPrism is Blocking for Pornography?

So today I have discovered that is on the filter list on iPrism for pornography/nudity.

iPrism blocked message

Now the last time I checked, has no sort of pornography or nudity which makes this baffling to me. It is simply a service to make short URLs similar to and TinyURL.

I have had issues with this domain before. The domain was in the jwSpamSpy spam domain blacklist a few months ago for some odd reason. Since the domain was in there some other web content filters had been blocking the site. I was able to get the blacklist removed for the domain though.

Update 1/27: iPrism has updated the rating of the site to “Internet Service”

4 responses to “iPrism is Blocking for Pornography?

  1. Sorry to hear about your site being filtered but, at the same time thank you for mentioning it. fits my style better than does so I might have to start using the api for that instead.

  2. I picked up the domain LOLZ.WS on September 1st of this year for the same purpose you had it for. The only thing I’m seeing is that a lot of what appear to be bots trying to SPAM random mailboxes I simply deleted the mail exchange record in DNS so there’s no chance of a blacklist. Wish me luck!

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