These are most of the things I have worked on, both past and present. Be sure to also check out my GitHub profile.


A simple API server for mocking with no configuration. It works by passing the response body, headers, and status over the request.


Bitty is a GitHub Gist viewer and editor. It allows for displaying and creating Markdown pages that are on GitHub Gist in a clean, minimalistic fashion.


An unfinished IRC client built with Electron and React. Currently, it is able to connect to IRC, join channels, and have private conversations with other users.


A gem that adds the Babel transpiler for Sprockets 4 and makes Rails generate ES6 scripts by default.

This is my first published Ruby gem on


I wanted to be able to run Grunt tasks that didn't have either a standalone module or a gulp plugin using gulp without having to port them over and ensure they're up-to-date. So I created this Node.js module that that creates a small Grunt environment to run a Grunt module without having to Grunt for the whole project.

This is my first Node.js module published to npm.

Gist Notifier

I kept missing comments left on my gists on GitHub Gist as notifications haven't been sent out for quite some time. I wrote this notifier that checks my gists at regular intervals for new comments and emails me if there are new comments that are not my own.


For the times I write in C/C++, I wanted a simple unit testing framework or simply just macros that are minimal and not convoluted to use. So I wrote some simple easy to use macros that would provide just that.


Caroline is an IRC help bot written in Java that stored answers to commonly asked questions in the help channel of the EsperNet IRC network with commands for each one that operators and voiced of the channel could execute. It was written to replace a previous IRC help bot that was ran by a parting staff member. However, as the bot hasn't been getting much use recently it is currently decommissioned.

Decimal GPA Calculator

While I was attending Highline Community College, I tried finding a GPA calculator that would calculate based of a decimal grades rather than letter grades. Being unable to find one, I created a simple calculator that I could use to quickly calculate a GPA and for others that were looking for the same thing.


A small experimental library I wrote in C that utilizes GTK+ WebKit bindings for having a simple window open with a WebKit WebView. I don't use this as there far more progressed platforms for building web applications for the desktop, such as Atom Shell and node-webkit