Create an IM Protocol?

Recently, I have been thinking about creating my own IM protocol. Mainly due to the fact that I think there should be another alternative in a lightweight client that supports every OS (using Java).

However, I think this wouldn’t be that worth of a write. This is because there are already written alternatives out there. For example, there’s XMPP (or Jabber), Skype, and Google Talk (Jabber). Yet, people do not use these are much. This could possibly be that they are not as popular as AIM or MSN. Also, there is already alternative clients that support multiple protocols, such as Pidgin (no ads), and Disgby.

Of course anyone that uses the official clients can easily modify them. For MSN, there’s A-Patch, Patch, and Messenger Plus! Live. I personally use A-Patch ( never updated to 9.0 so they lost out, which sucks as they used to be my favorite), and Messenger Plus! Live. For AIM, there’s Aim Ad Hack. I personally use this cause not only does it get rid of the ads, it get rid of that garbage the AIM installer likes to put on your computer, such as the AIM Toolbar (ick!)

So would it be worth it to write an IM protocol that does what just about everything that’s already out there? Probably for a learning experience, yeah, but for a wide audience, probably not. People don’t like switching or changing from things they are used to, that’s just how the way we are. Most likely if that user is already on an IM service, they would probably stick to it for the convenience, and we all know how hard it is to get your friends to switch over to another service too (i.e AIM to MSN and vice versa).

Plans on Two New URL Shortening Sites

Recently I bought the domains, and What am I going to do with them is make them URL Shortening sites.

Imagine linking to something funny on Twitter, Facebook, or to a friend using

Imagine linking to something you are doing the lulz for using

Of course it will be possible to use both URLs for just about anything. It will be a while before I get these sites up.

Ruby on Rails Sucks? I Don’t Think So

I have been playing around with Ruby on Rails for a while. You know how to program and know the commands for it, you’ll think it’s cool. Ruby on Rails is a MVC framework for the language Ruby. MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. The model is the database logic, the controller is the application logic, and the view is the presentation logic. Using this style, it keeps things organized.

People will think Ruby on Rails suck because they don’t know how to catch on to it. I admit, I was originally one of them, until I read Agile Web Development with Rails, Third Edition (Amazon). This book showed me how powerful this framework was and how much it was capable of doing. Doing validations is a breeze, embedding variables and Ruby code is a breeze in the views, routes are easy to configure (no .htaccess), database migrations to keep things in order, ActiveRecord to ease querying, updating, and inserting (no more SQL queries), and there’s so many other cool things with it. There is even loads of plugins on the Internet and on Github that do kickass things.

Does Ruby on Rails use a lot of RAM? From what I have notice from playing around with it I haven’t notice it take so much RAM. Besides, if I needed more RAM later and I was generating the money from the site, I’d just upgrade the server, piece of cake.

I plan on developing new sites using Ruby on Rails. PHP is just getting old (the new namespace delimiter is \, and that’s an escape character!)