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Introducing Minestatus and Minequery

I have created a new website called Minestatus and a hMod plugin called Minequery for Minecraft servers.


MinestatusMinestatus is a server list that keeps track of the overall uptime percentage of all Minecraft servers that are added to the list. The uptime is determined by making periodic connections to the server to test if it is online. Players can vote on each of the servers on the list for the ones they like to play on best. The score is then determined by the uptime percentage, how many votes a server has, and the age of the server being listed. The servers with the highest scores appear on the top of the list.

In addition to this, for servers that have hMod and the Minequery plugin, Minestatus can pull the players online and the max players the server can hold. It will even list the players name on the server’s page.

Each server also has it’s own dynamically updating image for placing on websites and forums.


Minequery is a hMod server plugin for Minecraft. It creates a small server that listens for requests and responds with the port of the Minecraft server, the current amount of players online, the max players cap, and the entire player list.


It works by when sending:


It will respond with:


This can then be displayed on a website, as it is on Minestatus. There is a PHP class and as well as a Ruby on Rails plugin that can help interpret the response from Minequery.

7 responses to “Introducing Minestatus and Minequery

  1. Really nice work on Minestatus, (I’m the owner/creator of ExMC in the screenshot :P)
    But it says my server is offline, even thou we’ve been playing on it all day.
    Any ideas?

    1. It will say it is offline if you have the Minequery option checked and you either don’t have the plugin installed and enabled or if the port for the Minequery server is closed. Make sure to port forward the Minequery port (25566 by default) if you are behind a router.

        1. Interesting, I am able to make a connection to your Minecraft server on port 25565 but not the Minequery server on port 25566. My guess would be your firewall.

          There is a site you can use to check if the port has been opened at

  2. Minestatus is inaccurate. It says my server is offline right now and down 5% of the time and I assure you its not. Could it be connectivity issues with the internet?

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